The “reality-lens” I use and why I use it

I’ve been thinking for weeks about what my first official blog post on my new site should cover.

My thinking has gone in different directions and every time I was right on the verge of deciding what I wanted to share, my cross-culturally trained and tuned mind kept wanting to peel back the topic I was going to write about.

As any successful cross-cultural communicator or worker knows, it isn’t enough to just know what people think, do, or say.

Without taking the time to understand WHY people think what they think, which is the source of what they say and what they do, effective communication and the possibility of persuasion will not be possible.

So I guess I’ll focus this first official post on WHY I think what I think and therefore why I say what I say and do what I do.

I guess the simplest way to begin explaining WHY I think what I think is to ask and then answer one very basic question made a bit clearer by a more thorough question:

Why do I follow Jesus?

Why have I chosen to consciously interpret every aspect of my life, others lives, and the multi-faceted world that we all live in and interact with through a lens that is derived from the book that is called the Bible?

It’s fairly simple to me.

Based on my own life experience, my education, the volume of reading that I’ve done and the always interesting conversations I’ve had with others who view life through a radically different life-lens than I do, I’m convinced of the following:

No other “worldview”, system of thought, belief system, reality-lens, meaning-filter, or whatever you’d like to call it, provides a more rational, plausible, and reality-matching explanation for why things are the way they are in the obviously less than ideal world that all of us call home.

I believe the Bible provides the most numerous and most accurate tethers of truth that connect to and explain the reality we all know and experience.

If what I’ve written thus far leaves anyone wondering what I actually mean, all I can ask you to do is be patient.

The more posts I write, the clearer things will become.

One thought on “The “reality-lens” I use and why I use it

  1. Great post Jeff. Thankful you are doing these. God will use them. My Uncle who is not a believer yet liked a post of yours I shared. Hoping he will read this an continue to seek our Savior


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